Dell 1135n Scan To PC

How To Do Dell 1135N Scan To PC Setup?

Dell 1135N is a multifunction monochrome printer that is most suitable for small home offices. The printer is very compact and sleek and will occupy only the tiniest part of your workstation. The menus on the printer control panel are pretty basic and can get the work done in seconds.One of the features the Dell 1135N printer supports is scanning. Scanning is pretty neat and straightforward. In this Dell how-to article, we have mentioned the steps on how to use the Dell 1135N scan to PC feature.

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Place The Document Properly:

Here are the steps to scan to a PC using the Dell 1135N printer.

Scan To PC From Printer Control Panel
  • Ensure that your Dell printer is connected to the primary power source and is turned on.
  • Lift and open the scanner lid of the printer.
  • Remove or wipe the scanner glass clean so that there won’t be any smudges or blots on the final scanned product.
  • Place the original document on the Dell printer’s scanner glass (ensure that the printed side of the document is facing down on the scanner glass).
  • Close the scanner lid.
  • Always check whether the scanner lid is fully closed (If not, this might result in some scanning issues and will affect the toner consumption).

Dell 1135N Scan To PC:

  • Press the Scan button on the Dell printer control panel.
  • Use the navigation buttons on the printer until you come across the Scan to PC option; select it and press the OK button.
  • Use the same navigation buttons and choose the Local PC option; press OK.
  • Now, use the navigation buttons on the control panel to select the application; press the OK button (Default application is My Documents).
  • If you want to make further or advanced changes to the scanned document like Resolution, Scan Color, Scan Format, and Scan Size, use the navigation buttons until one of these settings appears.
  • If you wish to scan the document using the default settings, press the Start button.

You will find that the steps are pretty simple. Follow the exact method mentioned in this article for Dell 1135N Scan To PC Setup.