Dell Printer Scan To Computer

How To Perform Dell Printer Scan To Computer Setup?

A Scanner is an input device that captures a document or pages of text. Most scanners in the current times are flatbed scanners that have a flat surface. When it comes to printers, there is an Auto Document Feeder and the Scanner glass. Now lets see Dell Printer Scan to computer in detail.

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Do you want to have a soft copy of a document instead of having a copy like a paper or a photo? The scanner is the perfect device to make that happen. The scanner usually works when the device is connected to a computer. The main function of the scanner is to scan the document or take a picture of the document. It will later digitize the document into an image or a PDF format. You can later view it on your computer screen.

Scanners have evolved over the years. There are now scanners that come in-built with the printers as well. When it comes to Dell printers, not all support the scanning features. Some of the common Dell printers that can scan to the computer are,

  • Dell Color Smart Multifunction Printer S3845cdn
  • Dell Smart Printer S2830dn
  • Dell Smart Printer S5830dn
  • Dell B3465DNF Mono Laser Printer

In this article, you are going to see the Dell Printer Scan to computer procedure with the help of the Dell B3465DNF printer.


  • First things first, make sure the Dell printer and the computer are connected to the same network (Wired connection or Wireless connection does not matter).
  • Place the original document you want to scan into the Auto Document Feeder (Multiple page documents).
  • Place the original document you want to scan on the scanner glass (Single page document).
  • Make sure the Dell printer is added to your computer.

Steps To Scan To A Computer:

It is time to set up the Dell printer’s (Dell B3465DNF) scan to the computer function.

  • Load the document either into the Auto Document Feeder or on the scanner glass.
  • Open the Printers & Scanners option from the printer setting.
  • Select the Dell printer from the printer list.
  • Click the Scan to computer option.
  • Click Apply & click the OK button.

The document will be scanned to your computer by the Dell printer. However, the steps to Dell Printer scan to computer differ from one model to another. Not all Dell printers support the scanning feature.

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