Epson Printer Scan To Email

How To Do Epson Printer Scan To Email Setup?

Many Epson printers support the Scan to Email feature that makes emailing scanned documents easier. Before using the Scan to Email feature, you have to configure the email server settings. Once you have done configuring the email server, you can enter the email address on the printer control panel or choose an email address from the Contacts list. For detailed instructions on Epson Printer Scan To Email setup, go through the steps below.

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Configuring The Email Server Settings:

  • For the printers with a control panel, you can easily select the options for the email server from the printer.
  • To begin with, turn on your Epson printer and place the original document on the scanner glass.
  • If your printer supports ADF, you can load the original document into the ADF. It will be very much useful for scanning multiple-page documents.
  • Next, connect your printer over a wireless network.
  • Navigate to the printer's control panel and press the Home button.
  • Go to Settings and then select the General Settings option.
  • Choose Network Settings and select Advanced –> Email Server –> Server Settings.
  • Select either POP before SMTP or SMTP-AUTH on the Email Server Authentication Method screen.
  • To set up your Epson printer for the Scan to Email feature, choose the required email server settings and select Proceed to save them.
  • Select Close and verify the connection to the email server by selecting the Connection Check option.
  • Your printer is now ready to use the Scan to Email feature.

Scanning To Email:

Scan To Email From Epson Printer
  • Navigate to the printer's control panel and then press the Home button.
  • Select the Scan option and choose Email.
  • Next, select Contacts and choose an email address if you have already added the recipient email addresses to the Contacts list.
  • To manually enter the recipient's email address, select the Keyboard option.
  • In case you have recently emailed any documents, choose the email address from the recent scan history.
  • To save your scan settings, select Presets.
  • Finally, press the Send icon to scan your original document and sent a copy of it to the specified email address.
  • You have now seen the procedure for your Epson printer’s Scan to Email feature.

The problem must be resolved by executing these methods. For more queries on Epson Printer scan To Email setup, contact our expert team and resolve the issue.