Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With Scanner

How To Solve Epson Scan Cannot Communicate With Scanner Error?

While performing the scan operation, if your Epson printer’s scan software fails to communicate with the printer, then the dialog box titled Epson Scan Cannot communicate with scanner is displayed on the screen. You can resolve this easily by performing the simple troubleshooting solutions given below.

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How To Fix Epson Scanner Communication Problem

If you encounter the issue Epson scan cannot communicate with scanner while performing the scan operation via USB, then perform the below instructions to resolve it.

  • Launch the Epson Scan software on your computer.
  • From the Select Scanner drop-down menu, choose your printer.
  • Click on the Test button.
  • If the test operation is done successfully, then the Scanner is ready dialog box will open. In case the test operation fails, then the Scanner is not ready dialog box will open.
  • Test is success: Click the OKbutton and perform the scan operation.
  • Test is unsuccessful: Make sure that your printer is turned on. Reconnect the printer to your computer using the USB cable. Try connecting the cable to a different port on your computer. Replace the cable if it is damaged. Reinstall the Epson printer driver on your computer. 

Run The Scanner Software With Administrator Privilege

To install the scanner software on your computer successfully, it is necessary to sign in to your computer with admin rights. If you’re not an admin user, then ask your administrator to provide the necessary permissions to install the printer driver on your computer. 

  • If you wish to provide the administrator privilege for the local account configured on your Windows computer, then follow the below instructions.
  • Sign in to your Windows computer with the admin rights.
  • Open the Control Panel window.
  • Select the User Accounts option.
  • Click on the Change account type command line followed by Manage another account.
  • Select the account for which you wish to provide the administrator privilege and click the Administrator option.
  • Now, sign out of the administrator account and sign in to the local account that now has the administrator privileges.
  • Open the Epson scanner software and run it.

Provide Correct IP Address

If you have configured your printer with an incorrect IP address, there is a chance for an issue to appear while performing the printer-related operation. You can provide the correct IP address for your printer using the printer’s control panel and the Epson Scan software. The below section explains how to provide the correct IP address using the Epson scan software.

  • Make sure that your Epson printer is connected over a network.
  • Now, launch the Epson scan software on your computer.
  • Choose your printer from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure that the Network option is set as the connection type.
  • Now, click on the Add button.
  • In the Add dialog box, select the Search for addresses option.
  • Highlight the IP address that is detected during the search and click the OK button.
  • In case the software fails to detect your printer’s IP address, then select the Enter address option and type the correct IP address in the given field.
  • Click on the OK button followed by Test.
  • Once the test is done successfully, perform a test scan.

Update Epson Scanner Driver

You can update your Epson scanner driver using the Epson Software Updater tool. Here you’ll find the instructions to update the scanner driver in Windows.

  • Launch the Epson Software Update tool.
  • Choose your printer followed by the Firmware Updater option.
  • Click on the Install items option.
  • Accept the end-user license agreement of the printer.
  • Click the Start button when prompted.
  • Once the update is completed, make sure to restart your Epson printer.

Now, we have seen the solutions for Epson Scan Cannot Communicate with Scanner error. To get more solutions and our Experts Guidance, Contact us.