Epson Wf 2830 Multiple Pages scanning


This page shows you how to Do epson wf 2830 scan multiple pages of a documents and save them pdf file.

You can quickly scan multiple pages of a document and save them as a PDF file or in a format of your desire using the Epson WF-2830 printer. However, before you begin the scan operation, check to ensure the following:

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  • The Epson printer is turned on and ready for scanning.
  • The Epson Scan 2 scanner software is installed on your computer.
  • The computer and your printer are connected to the same network.
  • The original you want to scan is ready to use.
  • Your printer is not performing any print or scan operation.

Scanning Multiple Pages Using The Epson Scan 2 Software

  • Initially, open the Epson Scan 2 software on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • To do so:
  • For Windows 10: Click on Windows. Select EPSON > Epson Scan 2.
  • For Windows 8: Open the Apps screen on your computer. Select the Epson Scan 2 option for epson wf 2830 scan process.
  • For Windows older versions: Open the All Programs screen. Select Epson > Epson Scan 2 > Epson Scan 2.
  • For Mac: Open the Applications folder followed by Epson Software. Double-click on the Epson Scan 2 software.
  • Now, load all the pages of the document you want to scan into the Automatic Document Feeder or load the first page of the document on the scanner glass of your printer.
  • Return to the Epson Scan 2 software screen.
  • Check whether your printer model is selected correctly. If not, select it from the Scanner drop-down menu.
  • Similarly, choose the scan settings of your desire from the Scan Settings drop-down menu.
  • Now, click on the Main Settings tab if necessary.
  • Choose the Scanner Glass option from the Document Source drop-down menu. (If you want to do epson wf 2830 scan the document stored on your computer, choose the My PC option from the Document Source drop-down menu).
  • Set the Document Size, Image Type, Resolution, Correct Document Skew, and other scan settings as per your desire.
  • Now, click the checkbox beside the “Add or edit pages after scanning” option.
  • Choose the PDF option from the Image Format drop-down menu.
  • Select the File Name and Folder options from the corresponding drop-down menus.
  • Preview the scan settings, and finally, click the Scan button.
  • Now, your printer will scan the first page of the document.
  • Once it is done, follow the on-screen prompts to scan the second page of the document.
  • Similarly, scan all the pages and save them as a single PDF file.

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