Install Epson Xp 440 Scan Software


You need to install the appropriate scanner software on your computer to scan from your printer. If you are looking for the procedure for downloading and installing the epson xp 440 scan software, you have reached the right place. On this page, we have shown you the exact procedure for installing the software for your Epson XP 440 printer.

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Scanner Software Download
  • From your default browser, visit the official page of Epson.
  • Enter your printer model (Epson XP 440) in the search field and click Submit.
  • When it shows you the search results, click on your printer model.
  • When you are taken to the support page of your Epson XP 440 printer, click Downloads.
  • Now, your Operating System will be detected, and the compatible drivers will be displayed,
  • If you are looking for the driver for a different browser, select it from the Operating System drop-down menu. Then, it will show you the compatible drivers for your Operating System.
  • Select the most appropriate driver and click the Download button.
  • It is always recommended to download the complete driver package for your Epson printer. So, you can choose Drivers and Utilities Combo Package installer and click Download the Epson Xp 440 Scan Software.
  • Now, the chosen driver will start to download in the background.
Chosen Driver Will Start To Download


  • Once you have downloaded the compatible driver for your Epson printer, locate it in the Downloads folder and run the setup file.
  • Keep following the on-screen instructions.
  • When prompted, select the connection type you prefer and connect your printer and computer accordingly.
  • If you select the wireless connection option, enter your router’s password in the respective field and establish the connection. Also, make sure to connect your printer to the same network to which your computer is connected.
  • Proceed with the instructions on the screen and complete the installation.
  • Once you have installed the software, restart your computer.


  • Load your originals on the scanner glass.
  • On your printer control panel, press the Home button.
  • Using the arrow buttons, select the Scan option and press OK.
  • You can modify your scan settings using Epson Event Manager.
  • On the Scan screen, select your preference and click OK; you can select Scan to Memory Card, Scan to Computer (JPEG), Scan to Computer (PDF), Scan to Computer (Email), or Scan to Computer (WSD).
  • Select your destination computer and press OK.
  • If you have connected your printer and computer using a USB cable, you don’t need to select the destination computer. But, the scanned documents will go directly to the computer to which you have connected your printer.
  • Now, your printer will scan your documents to the specified destination.

If you want to know how to download Epson Xp 440 Scan software easily follow our instructions. If you still have any doubts, get back to us for expert assistance.