Fuji Xerox Scan To Email Setup

How To Perform Fuji Xerox Scan To Email Setup?

If you’re looking for the right procedure to set up the scan to Email feature on your Xerox device, then you have reached the right page. The below section explains how to perform the Fuji Xerox Scan to Email setup.You can use Fuji Xerox’s web interface or the Email Connect app to set up the scan to Email function.

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Using The Web Interface

  • Initially, gather your Xerox device’s IP address, username, and password to access its web interface page.
  • To configure the scan to Email function, you need to gather your Email service provider’s settings, such as SMTP server address, hostname, host port number, user job, SMTP login credentials, connection encryption type, and DNS.
  • After gathering the above information, access your Xerox device’s web interface.
  • From the main screen, go to the Properties tab.
  • Expand the Services menu followed by the Email sub-menu.
  • Click on the Setup option followed by Required Information.
  • In the opened window, type your device’s Email address, hostname, and port number.
  • Now, click on the SMTP Authentication tab in the SMTP (Email) setup window.
  • Choose the user type and enter the SMTP login credentials in the given fields.
  • In the Connection Encryption tab, choose the encryption type that your Xerox device uses for communication.
  • Now, go to the Defaults tab and continue to perform Fuji Xerox Scan To Email Setup.
  • Set the output color, resolution, and file format of your desire and click Save.
  • Expand the connectivity under the Properties tab.
  • Select the Setup option followed by DNS.
  • In the Requested Domain Name field, type your server’s DNS name and save it.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured the scan to Email function on your Fuji Xerox device using its web interface page.

Using The Email Connect App

To perform set up scan to Email using the Email Connect App, follow the below instructions.

Scan To Email From Email Connect App
  • Open the app on your Fuji Xerox device.
  • Type the Email address and password in the given fields.
  • Choose your service provider from the drop-down menu.
  • Configure the scan to Email settings as per your desire.
  • Finally, tap on the Save button.

If you need remote assistance in Fuji Xerox Scan To Email Setup, contact us.