How To Do Fuji Xerox Scan To Pc Setup

How To Do Fuji Xerox Scan To PC Setup?

Fuji Xerox is a multi-function printer that can do a lot of tasks. The Fuji Xerox machine can not only print or copy documents; it can scan as well.There are different ways in which you can scan using the Fuji Xerox printer. Scanning a document to pdf from a printer just makes your life easier. Scanning allows a hard copy of a document to be saved as a digital copy for professional use, like filling an online application, creating a bank account, etc. Now lets see in detail about Fuji Xerox scan to PC Setup.

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There are different methods in which you can scan to the PC using the Fuji Xerox printer.

  • USB Connection: Scan a document to the computer directly connected to Fuji Xerox using a USB cable.
  • Network Connection: Scan a document on the network connected to Fuji Xerox.

In this article, we have mentioned the steps for Fuji xerox scan to pc using the Easy Print Manager utility.(NOTE: The Xerox Easy Print Manager is not supported on Mac operating systems)

Download Easy Print Manager

Easy Print Manager
  • Open the default browser.
  • Visit the Xerox support page for Easy Print Manager.
  • Once the page opens, scroll down to the Download section.
  • Click the checkbox for the I agree to Terms and Conditions option.
  • Click Download.

Fuji Xerox Scan To Pc Setup Using Easy Print Manager

  • Place the document in the ADF or keep it facing down on the scanner glass.
  • Make sure that the Fuji Xerox printer is connected to the computer (USB connection or wireless).
  • Open the Xerox Easy Print Manager utility.
  • Click the Printer menu and select the Fuji Xerox printer from the list.
  • Select the USB port of the printer that is connected through a USB cable. If the printer is connected through a network, select the IP address or the hostname.
  • Click the Home tab and select Scan.
  • To start the scan, click Quick Scan.
  • Once the scan process is complete, the document will be saved in an image format. You can choose the destination to save the scan.

Follow the steps as described above and you will know how to do Fuji Xerox scan to PC Setup.Click the Call button if you are facing any issues while performing the scan. Our Technical Team will be happy to assist you through the process.