Epson L3150 Scanner Setup

How To Configure Epson L3150 Scanner Setup?

Epson L3150 is a multifunctional printer that can print, copy, and scan. Configuring your printer for the scanning function gives you an option to convert your hard copies into digital data. The complete procedure for configuring your epson l3150 scanner setup is explained in this article. Read this page and complete the configuration like an expert.

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To connect your printer and the computer, you should install the appropriate driver. The driver is the one that establishes the connection between your printer and the computer. If you have got the installation CD when you purchased the printer, you can use it to install the necessary driver. If you don’t have this installation CD, you can get the software from Epson’s official website. Follow these instructions for the detailed steps.

Driver Downloads
  • From your browser, visit the official support page of Epson.
  • Enter Epson L3150 in the search field and press Enter.
  • When it shows you the search results, click on Epson L3150.
  • Now, you will be directed to the product support page. Here, click on Downloads.
  • Now, your Operating System will be detected, and the compatible drivers will be displayed.
  • Select the driver you need and click Download.
  • In case you are looking for the drive for a different Operating System, choose your preferred driver from the respective drop-down menu.
  • The selected driver will start to download in the background within a few seconds.
  • Once the driver gets downloaded, go to the Downloads folder.
  • Locate the driver file and run the setup file.
  • If you see the User Account Control (UAC) dialog box, click Yes.
  • When the license agreement window appears, accept the terms and conditions.
  • When prompted, select your preferred connection type and connect your devices (computer and printer) accordingly.
  • If you have chosen the USB connection method, make sure to connect your printer and the computer only when prompted by the installer.
  • Similarly, if you have chosen the Wi-Fi connection method, enter your router’s credentials when prompted. Also, make sure to connect your printer and the computer to the same network.
  • If you connect your printer and computer to different networks, the connection will not be successful.
  • Proceed with the instructions on the screen and complete the installation.
  • Finally, restart your computer.


  • Place the originals on the scanner glass.
  • Open the scanner software and select your preferences, including the orientation, resolution, etc. Also, verify whether your Epson L3150 printer is selected.
  • If you have connected your printer and the computer using a USB cable, the scanned documents will go directly to the connected computer.
  • If you have connected your printer and the computer over a network, you need to select the destination computer manually.
  • Finally, click Scan.
  • Your printer will start to scan the documents to the chosen destination within a few seconds.

In this way, you should configure your epson l3150 scanner setup. For further questions, contact us for technical assistance.