How To Scan Documents On Ricoh Printer

How To Scan Documents On Ricoh Printer?

Ricoh printers are of a diverse range and are used by several users all over the world. They yield printouts of excellent quality. On this page, we shall see how to scan documents on Ricoh printer. Scanning will take the information from the computer/device and send it through email or save it in a folder on the desktop.

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To Scan a Document On The Ricoh Printer, Follow The Steps Given Here:

  • First, press the Scanner button on the printer control panel.
  • Place the original document face up in the feeder. You also have the facility to scan from the glass.
  • In some Ricoh printer models, the default option will be set to E-mail (scan to email) on the printer’s display screen.
Ricoh Printer Scan Settings

NOTE:You Can Easily Locate The E-mail Tab At The Top Of The Printer’s Display Screen.

Scan a Document on Ricoh Printer
  • You even have the option of selecting more than one person as the recipient of your scanned document. So, pick the recipients and continue with the steps to scan documents on a Ricoh printer.
  • You can choose where you wish to send your scan by picking another location, like Folder (scan to folder). This tab is located beside the E-mail tab at the top of the printer display screen. So, choose the Folder tab and then pick the folder to which you are scanning.
  • By default, the scanning will be one-sided. But if your documents are duplexed and you wish to scan two-sided, select the Original Feed Type option. On the screen that displays next, select the 2 Sided Original option, press the OK button, and continue with the steps to scan documents on a Ricoh printer.
  • The above steps will send your two-sided documents to the computer that is connected to the Ricoh printer.
  • As you are scanning, you can also name your document.
  • By default, the setting for color black and white will be set to black and white. Go to the top-left corner and then choose the Scan Settings option.
  • Go ahead and select the Full Color option. Next, press the OK button.
  • Finally, press the Start button.
  • Your document will now be scanned and sent to the destination you have selected.
  • You have now successfully performed How to scan documents on Ricoh printer.