How to Scan from Brother Printer to Computer

How to Scan from Brother Printer to Computer?

You can scan any document and automatically save the scanned copy to your computer using the Scan to File feature. To know How to Scan from Brother printer to computer in detail, keep reading the instructions below.

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  • Before starting, download and install the full driver & software package on your Windows computer.
  • If you are using Macintosh, install the scanner driver.
  • On your computer, open ControlCenter after installing the printer driver. You can find the ControlCenter from Brother Utilities.
  • Alternatively, you can launch the ControlCenter by double-clicking its icon in the system tray.
  • For Macintosh users, open Macintosh HD and select Library > Printers > Brother > Utilities > ControlCenter.
  • Double-click and click the Configuration button in the ControlCenter main window.
  • Select Scan > File.
  • In the Scan to File configuration window, click the Software button to configure the Scan to File settings.
  • To configure the Scan key on your printer, click the Device Button tab.
  • Configure the file type, destination folder, resolution, scan type, document size, brightness, contrast, and show scanner interface settings.
  • Make sure to choose PDF as your file type to scan and save the data in PDF format.
  • Choose your computer as the destination.
  • Next, turn on your printer and connect it to your computer using a standard USB cable or over a wireless network.
  • Place the original document on the scanner glass.
  • Navigate to the printer’s control panel and press the Scan key.
  • Select Scan to PC > File, or Scan to File.
  • Press the OK button after choosing the necessary scan settings. 
  • Finally, press the Start, Black Start, or Color Start button. The printer will start scanning your document and then send the scanned copy to the connected computer.
  • Finally,the procedure for How to Scan from Brother Printer to Computer is successfully peformed.