Scan from HP printer to Mac

How to Scan from HP Printer to Mac?

If you want to scan any of your documents and save it on your Mac, you don't want to install any scanning software on your Mac. It has in-built software for printers. To scan from HP printer to Mac, carry out the instructions given on this page.

Scan with Document Feeding Scanner

Step 1:

Connect your scanner to your Mac and switch it on.

Step 2:

Go to the Printer & Scanners preferences window and select your HP printer.

Step 3:

On the right pane, click the Open Scanner option.

Step 4:

Place your pages in the scanner's document feeder select Use Document Feeder.

Step 5:

Set the required scanning preferences.

Step 6:

Click the Scan button to begin scanning.

Now, the document will be scanned from your HP printer to your Mac computer.

Epson Printer Scan

Connect the Scanner to your Mac: 

When you connect your HP printer and add it on your macOS computer, the printer software will be downloaded automatically.

Step 1

Open System Preference by selecting the Apple icon.

Step 2

Select Printers and Scanners in the System Preferences window.

Step 3 

Select your HP printer. 

Step 4

If your HP printer/scanner isn't visible, click the plus sign in the lower-left corner of the screen and then click ADD. Carry out the instructions displayed on the screen to add your printer.

Scanning Document

Scanning on Mac isn't a tough job. All you need to do is to set up the options before you start the scanning process.

Scan from HP printer to Mac has two scanning options.

  • Scan with Document-feeding scanner
  • Scan with a flatbed scanner