How to scan from printer to iPad Pro

How to Scan from Printer to iPad Pro

You can also scan from your iPad Pro without the help of a computer using an SD card.If you know How to scan from printer to iPad Pro, consider the full procedure that is given below.

Scanning with the help of iPad Pro:

  • Make sure to complete the hardware setup of the printer.
  • First, put an SD card into the memory card slot of your printer.
  • Open the scanner cover and place a photo/document on the scanner glass by following the mark. 
  • Now, press the Scan option on the printer's control panel.
  • When the Scan to menu appears, select the SD card option.
  • You can see the view of the scanned image. Press the Scan button again.
  • Your scanned photo or document will now be successfully saved to the SD card.
  • Now, insert the card into the iPad SD card reader.
  • You can now insert the card reader into the iPad. Import the scanned image to the iPad.
  • You have now scanned from your printer and imported it to iPad Pro without using a computer.

Scanning with the help of the driver app:

  • According to the printer's model name, you can install the driver app on your iPad Pro.
  • If you are using a Brother printer, download the Brother iPrint&Scan app.
  • If you want to connect to an HP printer, download the HP Smart app from the App Store.
  • Make sure to connect the printer and iPad Pro to the same wireless network.
  • Download the application and continue with the on-screen instructions to install the driver.
  • Once the printer's driver app is installed, you will be able to scan to your iPad Pro wirelessly.
  • To begin the scan, place the document on the scanner glass.
  • To scan multiple pages, load the document in the ADF feeder.
  • Select the Scan option and set the scanning preferences.
  • Now, select Scan to begin the scanning process. Save the document to your device.
  • You have now successfully completed How To scan from printer to iPad Pro Technique.