How To Scan From Ricoh Printer To Email

How to Scan from Ricoh Printer to Email?

Almost all Ricoh printer models are extremely capable ones that are designed to deliver high-quality printouts. On this page, you’re going to see how to scan a document from the Ricoh printer to an e-mail address. There are many different models available in the Ricoh printer brand. So, based on their specifications, the scanning functions might vary. The following section covers the basic procedure to scan a document from the Ricoh printer to an e-mail address. Before you begin the scan operation, check whether your Ricoh printer is prepared for it. If not, follow the below instructions to configure the e-mail settings on your printer.First, make sure that your Ricoh printer’s initial setup is done successfully. Next, register the e-mail destinations of your desire, and enter the default e-mail message & subject. Let us see how to Scan from Ricoh Printer to Email.

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To do so, follow the below instructions.

While performing the scan to e-mail operation, you will be prompted to specify the e-mail address of your desire using one of these three different ways:

Lexmark Scan To Email Settings
  • Selecting the destination address from the printer’s address book
  • Using the LDAP server to search and select the destination address
  • Enter the e-mail address manually in the given field

If you wish to specify the destination address from the printer’s address book, then you have to pre-register the e-mail. Otherwise, you will have to enter the e-mail destination address manually or use the LDAP server to search and select the address.

Registering the E-mail destination

  • On your Ricoh printer control panel, press the  User Tools/ Counter button.
  • Now, on the opened screen, tap on the System Settings option and select Administrator Tool. Choose Address Book Management > Program /Change.
  • Now, from the address book, select the desired contact name or number to whom you wish to register as the destination address.
  • After selecting it, press E-mail> Change.
  • Now, in the E-mail Address window, type the selected contact's e-mail address and press OK.
  • Choose E-mail/Internet Fax Destination or  Internet Fax Destination Only > OK >Exit
  • Finally, return to the User tools/ Counter screen by pressing its button.

Configuring the LDAP server

To specify the e-mail address using the LDAP server, you need to have registered the LDAP server and enable the LDAP search on your printer. The following instructions explain the same.

  • On the User Tools/Counter screen of your Ricoh printer, select the System Settings option.
  • Choose  Administrator Tools > Address Book Management > Program/Change.
  • Select the name that you wish to register as the e-mail destination address.
  • Press  Auth.Info > Next > Specify Other Auth.Info > Change.
  • Now, in the given field, type the login name of your desire.
  • Press  OK > Change
  • Type the desired password in the given field.
  • Press OK > OK > Exit > User Tools/Counter.

Now, let’s see how to Scan from Ricoh Printer to Email address.

Initially, clear all the previous settings by pressing the Clear Modes button available on your printer control panel.

  • Next, open the E-mail screen of your printer. To do so, on your printer control panel, press the Delivery Dest button. Choose the E-mail option on the Scan to Folder screen.
  • Now, load the original that you want to scan to e-mail.
  • To configure the scan settings, press the button named Scan Settings.
  • Configure the image density, original feed type, file type, and file name preferences as per your desire.
  • When prompted, type or select the e-mail address in the given field.
  • Similarly, choose or type the e-mail message in the given field.
  • Configure the other scan to e-mail settings by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Finally, press the Start button.
  • Now, your Ricoh printer will start to scan the placed document.
  • Once the document is scanned by your printer, its copy will be e-mailed to the entered or selected e-mail address.

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