How To Scan On Canon Ts5150

How To Scan On Canon TS5150?

The Canon PIXMA TS5150 printer uses the CIS flatbed photo and document scanner technology. It scans approximately in 14 seconds with the maximum scanning resolution. Have you decided to scan using the Canon TS5150 printer? Do check this page for the steps to do How To Scan On Canon Ts5150 operation.

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Scanning Using The Canon PIXMA TS5150 Printer:

You can scan the documents or photos in two ways. Use ScanGear (application) to scan your originals, or use IJ Scan Utility to scan the documents.

Using ScanGear To Scan The Documents:

  • Initially, place the originals on the scanner glass.
  • Launch the ScanGear application from IJ Scan Utility. It is simple. On your Windows computer, navigate to All apps and select Canon Utilities. Now, select IJ Scan Utility.
  • You’ve now opened the IJ Scan Utility window. From there, select ScanGear.
  • Now, start the application and then select the printer that is connected over a network.
  • On the ScanGear screen, there will be two tabs, which are Basic and Advanced.
  • Choose your preferred mode.
  • Configure the required settings, such as image corrections, destination, or size of the document or photo, and start scanning your documents.
  • Now lets see How To Scan On Canon Ts5150 using IJ Scan Utility.

Using IJ Scan Utility:

Canon Printer Scan
  • At first, place your originals on the scanner glass.
  • You need to start IJ Scan Utility. Just navigate to All apps on your Windows computer. From there, select Canon Utilities > IJ Scan Utility.
  • Now, select the Settings button. Make the necessary changes, such as paper size, resolution, and many more.
  • Click your preferred option, such as Document or Auto. The Settings dialog box opens. Make the necessary changes.
  • The scanning process starts.

These are the easiest methods to perform How To Scan On Canon Ts5150 function. You can implement the steps as described above for the best results.