How To Scan Using Hp Deskjet 3636?


The HP DeskJet 3636 printer can print, scan, and copy. This all-in-one compact printer supports a voice-activated printing feature. Yes! You can control the printer via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Also, it gives you plenty of connectivity options, so your printing and scanning are made easy.We hope you knowmight have got an idea about the printer, and so without wasting any time, let us see how to scan using HP DeskJet 3636.

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Using Scan To A Computer Feature (windows)

The HP DeskJet 3636 printer lets you scan a document or photo to your computer. Also, you can scan a document or photo and attach it to your email directly from the printer software. Before starting the scanning procedure, check if you have installed the HP printer software. Make sure your HP printer and computer are connected and turned on.

Scan A Document Or Photo Option

  • Firstly, place the original print side down on the scanner glass.
  • Make sure you put it on the right- front corner of the scanner.
  • Double-click on the printer software to launch it.

If you are a Windows 8 user, follow these steps:

  • IOn the Start window, right-click on the empty area.
  • Click All Apps on the application bar.
  • Select your printer model.

Continue to read the following steps for complete your hp deskjet 3636 scan setup.

Click Scan A Document Or Photo

If you are a Windows 7, Windows Vista, or XP user, carry out these instructions:

  • Go to Start --> All Programs --> HP.
  • Select your printer folder and choose your printer icon.
  • Once the application is launched, on the home screen, click “Scan a Document or Photo.”
  • Here, choose the scan type as you desire.
  • Click Save as PDF if you wish to save the scan in PDF format.
  • Or, click Save as JPEG to save the original in image format.
  • Lastly, select Scan to initiate scanning on your printer.
Initiate Scanning Setup

Using Scan To Email Feature

  • Place the original on the scanner glass. Make sure the print side is down on the right- front corner.
  • Open the HP printer software to select the scan settings.

Note: Follow the same instructions given earlier to open the printer software.

  • Click the Scan a Document or Photo option.
  • Next, select the scan settings (scan type).
  • You can either choose the Email as PDF or Email as JPEG options.
  • Once you choose the scan type, click Scan.
  • The email software will be opened with the scanned attachment.

Creating A New Scan Shortcut

If you are a frequent scanner, then you can create a shortcut to make things easier. Follow these instructions and create a shortcut on your Windows system.

  • Load the document to be scanned on the scanner glass.
  • Go to the HP printer software.
  • Choose the Scan a Document or Photo option in the printer software.
  • Select the Create a New Scan Shortcut option.
  • Give a name to your shortcut.
  • Base your new scan shortcut on an existing shortcut.
  • Next, click Create.
  • Edit the shortcut settings that you always prefer and click the Save icon.

We hope you now know how to scan using HP DeskJet 3636. If you face any issues while scanning, printing, or copying, you can call us.