How To Setup Scan To Email On Brother Printer

How to Setup Scan to Email on Brother Printer?

Scanning a document and emailing the same as an attachment can be done very easily using a Brother printer. You will be able to scan your document directly into the default email app by using the ControlCenter. Another method for scanning to email is by using the SCAN key on the control panel of your Brother printer.Now, let us see how to setup scan to email on Brother printe by using the SCAN key on the machine’s control panel.

  • The first step is to load your document into the Brother printer.
  • The next step is to press the Scan key (or option) on the printer control panel.
  • Press the Left or the Right arrow key on the control panel so that the to E-mail option displays. (This option will contain a mail or letter symbol). Now, press the to E-mail option to know how to setup scan to email on Brother printer.
  • Press the OK button. This action will apply only to certain Brother printer models.
  • For network printers, press the Up or the Down arrow key to display your destination computer name. The destination computer is the system to which you will be emailing your document.
  • You now have to press the destination computer name.
  • In case you find a prompt to enter the PIN, provide the 4-digit PIN for your destination computer using the printer control panel itself.
  • Press the OK button. By now, you would have acquired a fair idea about the method to set up scan to email on your Brother printer. Continue reading to find out how to complete the method.
  • Now, you have got two options- you can either use the default settings or change them.
  • If you want to make use of the default settings, then go ahead and press the Start button to scan to email.
  • In case you wish to change the default settings, then press the Options button.
  • If you plan to scan both sides of your document, press the 2-sided Scan option. This step will only apply for particular models of Brother printers.
  • Press the 2-sided Scan: Long Edge option or the 2-sided Scan: Short Edge option. This instruction will also apply only for certain models of the Brother printer.
  • Press the Set with Touch Panel option.
  • Press the On button.
  • You can now choose the settings for the following parameters:
  • The ADF High Speed Mode option (only for some printer models)
  • The Scan Type option
  • The Resolution option
  • The File Type option
  • The Scan Size option
  • The Remove Background Color option
  • The Skip Blank Page option (only for some printer models)
  • Press the OK button.
  • Finally, press the Start button.
  • You have now successfully set up scan to email on Brother printer.

We have now discussed the procedure to know how to setup scan to email on Brother printer.