Hp Officejet 3833 How To Scan

Hp Officejet 3833 How To Scan

Do you want to know all about HP OfficeJet 3833 how to scan the printer? Scanning can be done using the HP Smart app or with the help of your HP printer software. Look at this article to scan originals using this HP OfficeJet 3833 printer.

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Scanning the documents using the HP OfficeJet 3833 printer

Hp Officejet 3833 How To Scan

Using the printer’s control panel, it is easy to scan every document. You’ll have to ensure that you follow the steps given below.

  • Initially, check whether the HP Smart app is downloaded on your computer. If you haven’t downloaded the HP Smart app, download it immediately.
  • Load the document on the scanner glass. Later, you need to select the Scan option on the printer control panel.
  • Choose your computer and the type of scan you want to perform.
  • Cross-check it. Finally, click OK. The document will be scanned.

You’ve downloaded the HP printer software from the official HP website. Do you want to scan using the HP printer software? Look at this section.

  • On the desktop, locate and double-click the printer icon.
  • You’ll have to click Scan a Document or Photo.
  • You’ll have to choose the type of scan that you want to do and click Scan.

If you wish to save your document as a PDF file, select Save as PDF, or else, choose Save as JPEG to save your document/photo as an image file or folder.

To change any settings, you’ll have to click on the More link at the top-right corner of your Scan dialog box.

scan the documents using the HP Smart app

Let’s have a look at how to scan the documents using the HP Smart app. Here’s how to do it.

  • Ensure that you’ve downloaded the HP Smart app on your Windows computer.

If you haven’t set up the printer on your computer, ensure that your computer is connected to a wireless network.

  • Download the HP Smart app from the HP Smart – Microsoft Store for Windows. Continue to set up the HP Smart app.
  • Later, on the home screen, click Scan.

From the top menu bar, click one of the options mentioned below.

  • Scanner
  • Import
  • Camera

After choosing it, you’ll have to change the source, page size, or output type settings. It’s time to preview the scan. Here’s how to preview the scan.

  • If you wish to edit, do the necessary settings as well.
  • Later, click Save and then begin the scanning process.

That’s it. You’ve now seen how to scan your documents with the HP OfficeJet 3833 printer. Make use of the above-mentioned procedures to save your time.