How To Do Hp Officejet 3833 Scan To Email Process?

Hp Officejet 3833 Scan To Email Process

HP OfficeJet 3833 is a multifunctional printer that can print, scan, and copy. When you scan your documents directly to your email address, it can simplify your job to some extent. Read this page completely if you want to know the steps to send your scanned documents directly to your email address. We will show you how to download the scanner driver, scan your documents, and send it to your email client. With all that said, let's learn the Hp Officejet 3833 Scan To Email procedure in detail.

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Download The Driver

The driver is mandatory to access your printer from the computer. It literally establishes stable communication between your printer and computer. Refer to the instructions below to download the compatible driver for your HP OfficeJet 3833 printer.

  • Visit the official support page of HP.
  • Enter your printer model and click Submit.
  • On the product support page, click Software, Drivers and Firmware.
  • Now, your OS will be detected, and the compatible drivers will be displayed.
  • Select the scanner driver and click Download.
  • Once the driver gets downloaded to your computer, run the setup file and install the software by following the instructions.

Start Scanning

Before you scan your documents, connect your printer and computer over a network or using a USB cable. Scan to email works only in MAPI email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, or Live Mail. To be specific, Hp Officejet 3833 Scan To Email compatible with web-based email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. Therefore, install any one of these e-mail clients and set it up on your computer before you scan your documents.

  • Open your default browser and enter your HP printer's IP address in the URL field. It will take you to the EWS page. There, go to the Scan tab and select Email options.
  • Configure your email settings according to your preference and click Apply.
  • Place your documents on the scanner glass.
  • Open the printer software on your computer.
  • Click Scan a Document or Photo> Scan.
  • If you want to email the scanned documents as PDF, select Email as PDF. Conversely, to send the documents as JPEG, select Email as JPEG.
  • To make changes to your scanned document, click the More link at the top-right corner of the Scan dialog box and make the necessary changes.
  • Now, your printer will scan the document and save it to the registered email address.

This is how you should do Hp Officejet 3833 Scan To Email. For further questions and clarifications, reach our technical experts.