Kyocera Quick Scan Duplex Setup

How To Perform Kyocera Quick Scan Duplex Setup?

Kyocera Quick Scan Duplex allows users to scan documents faster without any complicated device setup. To do a quick scan on your Kyocera printer, you have to install the Kyocera Client Tool.

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Printer Setup:

  • Unpack the printer from the box, remove all protective covers. Connect one side of the power cord to the printer and the other side to an electrical socket. 
  • Connect the printer and computer using a wired or wireless connection as you wish. 
  • Download the Kyocera Client Tool from the Kyocera official website.
  • Install the Kyocera Client Tool and run it.
  • Now the printer setup is completed.

Quick Scan Setting

This Kyocera Quick Scan Duplex guide helps to scan tasks quickly and effectively. Scan a document and save it in a new folder. Convert it to a PDF document or send it as an e-mail attachment. 

  • In the main dialog box, click Scan > Quick Scan Setting.
  • On the Quick scan setting tab, set values for the quick scan as required.
  • Click Apply and select OK to save the scan setting.

Doing A Quick Scan

  • In the menu, select Scan and then select the scan type.
  • You can select Scan to Folders, Scan to PDF, or Scan to E-mail.
  • Scan to Folder: click the Scan to Folder icon to scan the document and save it by selecting the image format. Browse the desired folder location and save the scan as an image file.
  • Scan to PDF: click the Scan to PDF icon to scan the document. Save the file using the Quick Scan utility in the desired location and save it as a PDF file.
  • Scan to E-mail: click the Scan to E-mail icon to scan the image or document. Attach the scanned file directly to the E-mail application.
  • If you have any further doubts about Kyocera quick scan duplex setup, contact us for assistance.