Kyocera Scan Extension Kit

What Is Kyocera Scan Extension Kit?

The Kyocera Scan Extension is an add-on to its TASKalfa A3 multi-functional printer. This printer can scan normal documents and then convert them into PDFs that are searchable and editable. The technology used here is OCR (Optical Character Recognition).So, we can say that the Scan Extension Kit has been designed exclusively for some selected Kyocera TASKalfa printers. There is no special software installation required for using the Kyocera Scan Extension Kit. Some of the fantastic features of the Scan Extension Kit are explained here:

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Kyocera Scan Extension Features

  • Searchable documents: As mentioned earlier, using the Kit, you can easily convert all your documents into searchable PDFs. In case you make use of this facility, you need not retype large documents.
  • Excellent keyword search: You can easily search for individual words in your documents. This task is made possible with a single tap, using which you can quickly convert a scanned document into readable content.
  • OCR Readability: With the Scan Extension Kit, you will be able to search for text in boxes and forms. You can even search for texts that are underlined or italicized.
Kyocera Scan Kit

Supported Models

The Kyocera Scan Extension Kit is optional with the following models:

  • TASKalfa 5551ci
  • 4551ci
  • 3551ci
  • 3051ci
  • 2551ci
  • 5501i
  • 4501i
  • 3501i
  • 3010i
  • 3510i

The Kit comes as a standard one with the following models:

  • TASKalfa 7551ci
  • 6551ci
  • 8001i
  • 6501i

The Kit runs centrally on your TASKalfa multi-functional printer. It’s compatible with all the operating systems. There is no necessity for the Kit to be installed on every workstation.

Kyocera Extension Kit Free for 30 days:

If you wish to try the kit free for 30 days, follow these steps:

  • First, confirm that your printer model supports the Kyocera Scan Extension.
  • Next, choose the system menu.
  • Navigate to system/network.
  • Now, choose Option.
  • Select the Scan Extension Kit (A) option.
  • Press the Activate button.
  • Finally, press the Trial button.
  • Congratulations!!! You can relax and enjoy the Kyocera Scan Extension kit’s benefits free for 30 days before you go for the actual purchase.