Kyocera Scan To Mac

How To Perform Kyocera Scan To Mac Setup?

Almost all the Kyocera printer models support the scan to PC, folder, or Mac feature. If you’re wondering how to perform Kyocera scan to Mac Setup, then you have reached the right page. In the below section, we have used SMB to perform the scan to folder operation from the Kyocera printer.

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Initially, you need to enable SMB on your Mac computer. After enabling it, load the document to be scanned on your printer’s scanner glass or in the ADF. Select Scan > Send to folder. You can configure the SMB settings either on your Mac or the Kyocera printer. The below section explains both methods. 

Enabling SMB On Mac

  • Open the System Preferences window on your Mac computer.
  • Click on the Sharing option.
  • In the Sharing dialog box, you can find the Screen sharing, file sharing, printer sharing, remote login, and other sharing options on the left-hand side.
  • Select the File Sharing option by clicking the checkbox beside it.
  • Under the Shared folders section, select a folder to save the scanned document. If you wish to save the scanned document in a new folder, then click on the plus icon available below the Shared Folders section.
  • In the Users section, set the access permissions based on your desire.
  • Make sure that your Mac computer name is entered correctly in the Computer Name field.
  • Once the SMB configuration is done, save the settings and start the kyocera scan to mac operation.

Enabling SMB On The Printer

  • Turn on your Kyocera printer if it is turned off.
  • Select the Send option.
  • In the Ready to send window of your printer, locate and select the Folder Path Entry option.
  • Choose the SMB option.
  • In the given fields, type the SMB Hostname, Path address, Login User name, Login Password, etc. 
  • After entering all the details, press the Connection Test button.
  • If the connection is verified successfully, a pop-up dialog box displaying the Connected message will appear on the printer screen.
  • Now, your printer is ready to scan to Mac using SMB.

Scanning A Document

  • On your Kyocera printer’s scanner glass, load the original document that you want to scan. You can also load the document in the ADF.
  • Select the Scan option followed by Scan to Folder. Choose your Scan folder correctly.
  • Set the required scan preferences.
  • Press the Start button.
  • Now, your Kyocera printer will start to scan the placed document.
  • Once the scanning is complete, a copy of the document will be saved in the shared folder of your Mac computer.

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