Lexmark MX421 Scan To Computer

How To Setup Lexmark Mx421 Scan To Computer?

Lexmark MX421 is a monochrome laser printer that comes with multi-core power to do all the works such as printing, faxing, scanning, and copying. It also has energy management features that reduce power consumption to save your budget. The device is designed for home and office-based purposes that improve productivity and deliver professional-quality output. Furthermore, Lexmark MX421 has a unique scanning system, and you can scan using the Lexmark Scanback utility, printer control panel, etc. Now, let’s see how to do Lexmark MX421 scan to computer.

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Scan To The Computer Using The Control Panel

  • Place the document on the glass platen or the ADF.
  • Press Scan on your printer, and the Scan menu will be displayed on your printer control panel.
  • Select the Save to option on the scan menu by using the arrow keys on your control panel and press the OK button.
  • Now select the Computer option to save the document to the computer and press the OK button.
  • Press Scan to scan the document you’ve loaded and locate the document, which will be saved on the destination you choose on your PC.

Scan To The Computer Using Lexmark Scanback Utility

  • Turn on your printer and connect the printer to Wi-Fi to do Lexmark MX421 Scan To Computer.
  • Make sure the printer and your PC are connected to the same network.
  • Insert the Lexmark utility software installation CD to install the software.
  • You can also download the printer utility software from the official web page of Lexmark.
  • Install the software after accepting the terms and conditions.
  • Open the scanner unit on the printer. 
  • Now place the document or photo on the platen glass by keeping the scanning side facing down.
  • Close the top panel gently.
  • Open the Scanback utility on your PC and select scan profiles.
  • Now locate the scanned document in the place where you saved it.

Scanning To The Computer Using Windows Fax And Scan

  • Make sure the Lexmark MX421 printer is added to your PC to do Lexmark MX421 Scan To Computer.
  • Load the document on the platen glass or Automatic Document Feeder.
  • Open Windows Fax and Scan on your PC and select a scanner source from the Source menu.
  • You can manually change the scan settings and select Scan.

How To Scan Using Automatic Document Feeder?

  • Make sure no document is placed on the platen glass of your Lexmark MX421 printer.
  • Place the document in the document tray with the scanning side facing up.
  • Adjust the document guide to make the document fit in the tray; make sure you don’t press the document guide too hard that it may cause issues with feeding the document.
  • Open your Scanback utility and click Scan; wait for a few minutes until it automatically scans the document.
  • The document will be saved in the folder where you choose to save it.

Now we have seen How to do Lexmark MX421 Scan To Computer operation.