Ricoh MP C307 Scan To Email

How To Use Ricoh MP C307 Scan To Email Feature?

The Ricoh MP C307 printer features excellent scanning modes, such as scan to email, scan to folder, and scan to USB. If you want to send your documents as an email attachment, are you facing trouble while configuring the scan to email feature on your Ricoh MP C307 printer? Check this article. It is easy to set up the Ricoh MP C307 Scan To Email feature.

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Scan to E-mail On Ricoh MP C307:

Ricoh Scan To Email Settings
  • To begin with, make sure that you register an E-mail destination. On your intuitive touchscreen, press the Home icon. You’ll find the Scanner (Classic) icon. Click on that icon. On the same screen, do the necessary settings and touch E-mail.
  • Make sure that there are no remaining settings. If so, press Reset. Now, you can start placing your originals in the document feeder for scanning.
  • Now, specify the destination and start choosing the sender’s name. You can specify the destination manually or by selecting the destination from the recent lists for Ricoh MP C307 Scan To Email feature..

You can also specify the destination by choosing from the printer’s address book. Here, in this section, let’s find out how to specify the destination from the Recent destination field.

Choosing The Destination From The Recent Tab:

  • Press Recent and then start selecting the destination.
  • Finally, press OK.

Now, it’s time to choose the sender's name.

Choosing The Sender’s Name:

It is required to choose the sender’s name so that your files are sent to them as an email attachment.

  • After choosing the destination, press Sender Name.
  • Select the sender’s name from the available lists and then press OK. You can select the sender for Ricoh MP C307 Scan To Email feature by the following methods.
  • Choosing the sender from the sender list on the display
  • Choosing the sender by typing the registration number
  • Using the printer’s address book
  • Finally, press Start.

You can also change the scan settings. Press Scan Settings and then press Full Color under the Original Type tab.Cross-check it and press OK.You can also use the Message Disposition Notification. By using it, the recipient will receive an e-mail notification.

Enter An Email Subject:

  • Press Subject and then start entering the text in the text field.
  • Now, press OK.

Hopefully, you’ve seen how to use the Ricoh MP C307 Scan To Email feature.