How To Perform Ricoh SP C262sfnw Scan To Email

How To Perform Ricoh Sp C262sfnw Scan To Email Setup?

Ricoh printers are generally good at scanning various documents at several destinations. To know how to perform Ricoh SP C262sfnw Scan To Email, keep reading the instructions below.

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If you wish to perform Scan to Email on your Ricoh printer, you need these details.

Ricoh Scan To Email Settings
  • The IP address of the printer
  • Admin login
  • SMTP server name
  • SSL/TLS settings
  • SMTP username/password
  • SMTP port

In addition, you need a stable Internet connection to scan your original document from the scanner to the email address.

Before Starting:

  • Turn on your Ricoh printer and verify that you have completed the basic printer setup.
  • Connect your printer and computer over a wireless network.
  • Check if you have properly installed the printer driver on your computer.
  • Identify your printer’s IP address.
  • Identify the SMTP settings of your email account.

Configuring The SMTP And DNS Settings:

To send the scanned documents via email, you should correctly configure the SMTP and DNS settings for the Ricoh SP C262sfnw Scan To Email configuration. Once you are ready with the SMTP and DNS settings, proceed to Web Image Monitor.

  • Start by launching the default web browser on your computer.
  • Type your printer’s IP address in the URL field and hit the Enter key to open the Web Image Monitor of the Ricoh printer.
  • Click Network Settings –> DNS.
  • Configure the network settings as required.
  • Click OK and go to the SMTP tab.
  • Input the following SMTP details.
  • Primary SMTP server
  • Port number
  • Authentication method
  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address of the printer
  • Save the settings and click the OK button.

Registering The Destination Email Address To The Address Book:

  • Go to Web Image Monitor and click the Quick Dial Destination or Scan Destination tab.
  • Choose Email Address from the Destination Type list.
  • Input your name, destination email address, and subject.
  • Continue reading to know how to do Ricoh SP C262sfnw Scan To Email setup.
  • If necessary, enter the administrator password.
  • Click Apply and close the web browser.

Performing Scan To Email Operation:

  • To begin with, place the original document on the scanner glass.
  • Press the Home button and tap the Scanner icon.
  • Tap the Email tab and select Address Book.
  • Choose your destination email address from the list and tap OK.
  • If necessary, specify the scan settings.
  • Finally, press either B&W Start or Color Start to start scanning your original document and send it to the specified email address.

If you have any issues in performing Ricoh SP C262sfnw Scan To Email Setup, Call us.