Xerox Scanner App

How To Download Xerox Scanner App?

When it comes to the scanning application from the Xerox Printer, you have the Xerox Print and Scan Experience app for your laptops and computers and the Xerox Mobile Link app for your mobile devices. When you access these applications, you can easily scan your documents with a single tap and you can modify all the printer settings just as you wish. This article covers the list of Xerox Scanner Apps that can be handy when required.

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The Xerox Print And Scan Experience App

Xerox Print And Scan Experience App
  • The Xerox Print and Scan Experience app can help you print and scan all your documents by using your laptops and desktops. The app is compatible only with Windows 10.
  • When you install Xerox Print and Scan on your computer, it enables you to install V4 print drivers, through which you can print and scan from your supported devices.
  • When it comes to scanning, its auto straightening feature adjusts the scanned copy. You can save your scanned copy as PDF or JPEG. You can also copy and paste all your images from your scanned files.
  • When it comes to printing PDF, you do not need to open the file in Acrobat to set up the print setting. You can configure the settings in the app and directly print your PDF.

Xerox Mobile Link App

  • Xerox Mobile Link is an app that can help you connect your mobile phones to your Xerox multifunctional printers. It can also connect you to the cloud where you store all your documents.
  • You can receive the scanned data from Xerox multifunctional printers directly to your mobile. With a single touch, you can scan your documents to three different locations (to email, to Dropbox, and to your mobile phone).
  • Through Xerox Mobile link, you can create your own customized one-touch workflow. So you can automatically scan all your documents from your Xerox multifunctional printer and send your documents to your preferred storage destination.
  • You can use your mobile devices and your Xerox multifunctional printers together to improve your workflow.
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